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Is there any reason other than the convenience of using BKF Soft Cleanser instead of powder?

The choice of using the powder cleaner or mild liquid cleaner is subjective and is largely determined by:

What is being cleaned;

Is it a restorative cleaning (i.e. is it very neglected and in need of a deep cleaning) or is it more of a routine cleaning situation?
Is the ease of rinsing a factor?

If it's a lighter routine cleaning, then liquid mild cleanser is usually more than enough. If a more restorative, deep cleaning is needed; so the BKF Cleanser (powder) is probably the best option. Simply put: they are not intended to be identical products.

El polvo ofrece la versatilidad de variar su “resistencia” por la cantidad de agua agregada; más fuerte o más débil El Soft Cleanser está en efecto “diluido” o “listo para usar” para una variedad de (pero no todas) tareas, especialmente las tareas de limpieza más rutinarias.

Is there an expiration date on Bar Keepers Friend cleaning products?

The active ingredients in BKF do not expire. However, storing in a humid environment will cause the powder to solidify, so try to keep open BKF containers in a dry environment.

What is the difference between Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser and Original Cleanser?

Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser contains additional active ingredients to cut fat.

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